Where it all began

Mr. Charles Henry Elkes set up Elkes as a confectionary business in 1908, when he opened ‘the shop on the corner’ of the high street in the Staffordshire town of Uttoxeter.

His son, Mr. Samuel Elkes, followed in his fathers footsteps by continuing and developing the family business. In 1924, after visiting a biscuit factory as part of a trade convention, Mr. Samuel Elkes was so inspired he decided to make biscuits; these became so popular with customers that he installed some machinery to increase output.

The demand for Elkes’ biscuits became increasingly popular and to keep up with supply, in 1927 he purchased land and Dove Valley Bakeries was built. The location was just half a mile away from the original shop still based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Production in the factory commenced in 1928 which allowed biscuits to be made on a much larger scale and opened up employment opportunities in the area, employing 30 members of staff.  The factory still operates from the same location and has now been producing biscuits for nearly a century. It has expanded vastly over the years, currently employing over 500 people.